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Repairs and Maintenance

Smashed your Phones  No working ?  Or other problems ?

Don't Worry! We can help you fix it!

M.G. offers a full range of services to quickly repair your devices so that you can remain connected to your world. especially for Apple and Samsung, We can fix your device in 30-60 minutes (depend on reservation and stock). So Don't be frustrated !

We have two locations that help you closely approach our services! One is in Pran Central ( Prahan) , and the other is in Stockland Tooronga Shopping Centre (Toorak).

We open 7 days a week. 

Our service offer 90 Days Warranty. 

Just Drop In ! 

Let Us Fix It ! 

We also can help you with: 

  • Water Damage repair: it may take 6 hours, up to 1 day to fix (depends on water damage level);

  • Software Update: it takes up to 4 hours; 

  • Inside devices cleaning: it takes up to 2 hours;

Maintaining your devices to connect with the world!